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At Krishna™, we handle project management in-house, assigning a specific project manager to each client so that you have one primary point of contact throughout the entire process.

Upon receiving a client request, the project manager determines its feasibility by analyzing the text, identifying potential layout issues, and evaluating availability of human resources. This way, we can present the client with a clear, comprehensive, and realistic sales proposal.

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Launching the project involves a consultation with the client to discuss cultural elements, specific page layouts, and other pertinent information. Next, the project manager assigns a team of translators, along with proofreaders and industry-expert proofreaders, as necessary. The team works with the project manager to establish detailed specifications, deadlines, special instructions, compliance with any client glossaries, etc.

Throughout implementation, the project manager supervises working processes, liaises with everyone involved, and maintains strict quality control over:

  • Translation
  • Revision
  • Proofreading by experts (per client request)
  • General compliance as arranged with client

Upon successful completion of the proposed job, the project manager approves its delivery and monitors any further corrective actions as required by the client or in response to in-house decisions. Lastly, the project manager ensures that the client has received the finished product, that it meets the client’s satisfaction, that all translation databases have been updated, and that the project has been properly archived.

Krishna™ Translations archives all projects on a protected server for at least 12 months. These archives are accessible and available at all times.

We remain conscious of the data in each client file by recording items such as the number of words, budget, translators used, and type of file in our database. In addition, Krishna™ tracks dialogue between everyone involved in a project by archiving all email correspondence. We also use anti-virus software on all hardware. For confidential files, and upon request, we set up a protocol to share data over the Internet (encrypting system).


  • Finance
  • Life Sciences
  • Marketing, PR & Publishing
  • Consumer Goods & Services
  • Technology
  • Energy & Materials
  • Government & NGO
  • Industrial Goods & Services
  • Games & Apps
  • Travel & Leisure
  • Training & E-learning
  • Legal & Professional Services

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