Kannada which is also called as Kannarese or Kannana, is a Dravidian language and is widely spoken in the Southern state of Karnataka. This language is derived from the ancient Dravidian languages and uses the Kannada script. With linguistic minorities who exist in the neighbouring states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Goa, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, this language is spoken by nearly 60 million people. Kannada is among the 22 official languages of India, along with being recognized as a classical language by the Indian Government. It also has a continuous flow of written pieces of literature dating for over a thousand years. Additionally, there are about 20 spoken dialects of Kannada which are majorly grouped into Northern, Southern and Central. All these vernaculars have an impact on the bordering state languages namely Telugu, Marathi, Tamil and others.



Pronunciation [ˈkɐnːɐɖa]
Native to India
Region Karnataka

Bangalore, the State capital which is labelled as the Garden city is now the IT capital of India and is most commonly referred as the Silicon Valley of India, because of its position as the nation’s leading IT exporter. Being a large city and a growing metropolis, it is home to many of the most well-recognised colleges and research institutions in India. Numerous public sector heavy industries, software companies, aerospace, telecommunications, and defence organizations are located in the city.  A demographically diverse city, Bangalore is a major economic and cultural hub and the fastest growing major metropolis in India. Additionally, Mangaluru and Belagavi are the other important commercial centres in the state. Besides this, Karnataka is a hotspot of tourist attractions which boasts about a rich cultural heritage. This status necessitates a need for Kannada Translation services. 

Nowadays, every business aims to target potential customers from different regions to expand its clientele. All companies  want to provide their target audience a personal feel to keep them connected to their brands or services. However, to reach out to the customers of the local region, it is essential to furnish  content in their native language. As many people are using Kannada in their daily conversation including the artists, governments and officials, traders in different sectors, etc., it becomes a necessity of translation in Kannada.

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